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My family and I have been going to see Dr. Carmen Goulet for decades.  We have had back problems and allergies.She is an excellent chiropractor.  She is also smart, practical and no nonsense. Her services are affordable and she keeps her schedule flexible so that if you have an emergency, she can fit you into her schedule.

I have recommended Dr.Carmen to many  of my friends and colleagues.  Without exception, they have agreed with my assessment of her services. Her husband, Dan, is a pleasure to work with. He deals with the morass of medical insurances and is unfailingly polite and humorous.

Former Selectman, Town Meeting member from Precinct 4 in East Arlington,

Clarissa Rowe


For the past 17 years, l have been seeing Dr. Carmen Goulet.   I have osteoporosis, congenital scoliosis, and suffer damage from a whiplash injury from 35 years ago. Dr. Goulet is a caring, sensible chiropractor who is always able to pinpoint what is going on with my spine and why and to deftly deal with the
problem.  I admire her diagnostic skills that consider the whole person.  Her touch is gentle but firm, and every time I walk out of her office I feel  lighter and more flexible.  l'm 69 now, and thanks to Dr. Goulet's care, I have been able to pursue my love of dog agility running better  than a lot of my peers and to remain active. I cannot recommend Dr. Goulet  highly enough.

Nini Bloch, writer, editor, and dog trainer


I have suffered from migraine headaches for many years and the first thing any doctor wants to do is put me on some expensive pill that might take care of my migraine,  but consequently,  will damage my liver or other vital organs. Then I decided to explore the alternative"treat the whole person" approach of chiropractic care.

I went to see  Dr. Goulet.  We talked extensively about my symptoms and what could be the possible triggers for the onset of these debilitating headaches.  After a detailed examination of my back, spine and neck, Dr. Goulet  found that one of my cervical vertebrae was out of alignment.  lt took a matter of seconds for Dr. Goulet  to realign my cervical vertebrae,  bringing instant relief.  I continue to see her  periodically to make sure the vertebrae  doesn't slip back out of alignment and am happy to say that it has  been two  years since my last migraine.

Kathy D., Wilmington


At the age of 4, my son was diagnosed, after many invasive tests, as having severe acid reflux.  The doctors  wanted him to take a very  strong dose of antacid medication to alleviate the discomfort and temporarily help the symptoms.   I took him to Dr. Goulet  and she was able to adjust the part of his spine that controls the stomach so that the acids were not backing up into his throat,  causing him the severe pain he was in.  After a few visits using this amazing technique and adjusting the pinched nerve in his back that leads to the stomach,  my son's acid reflux had ended and no medication.   My  son is 10 years old now and hasn’t had any reocurrence.  ln my opinion, children that receive chiropractic care, at an early age, can prevent many issues that can present as a child goes through adolescence and  into adulthood.

Cathy H, Medford


I have been a patient of Dr. Carmen Goulet  for over twenty years and have been treated periodically for lower back pain and stiffness, particularly in my right hip.  Her combination of manipulation and flexibility exercises has always provided relief for my symptoms.  A few years after I first started seeing her,  I hurt my right shoulder, and an orthopedist determined that I was suffering from tendonitis in the shoulder.  He recommended a one month course of ibuprofen to alleviate the pain and swelling.  lnstead, I consulted with Dr. Goulet, and her regimen of manipulation and stretching exercises eliminated the pain and restored flexibility to my shoulder without recourse to the ibuprofen.

Since then, Dr. Goulet  has successfully treated me for several  episodes of lower back pain and stiffness, which at times was so severe that I was unable to sleep through the night.  Most recently,  she recommended a flexibility exercise to restore the lumbar curvature in my lower spine.  ln combination with back manipulation, this significantly eased the back pain and stiffness, but I was still experiencing periodic pain in my right hip.  Dr.Goulet  then added stretching exercises to my regimen,  and within two weeks the pain in my right hip was essentially gone.

Based on my personal experience,  I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Goulet  to anyone in need of chiropractic services.  ln addition to her professional expertise, she is a caring person who is willing to take the time to understand a patient's particular problems,  and her office environment is relaxed and welcoming.

Leonard S.,B.S,M.S.aeronautics M.I.T. Arlington

Dr. Goulet found that one of my cervical vertebrae was out of alignment. lt took a matter of seconds for Dr. Goulet to realign this vertebrae

Cathy W

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